Thursday, August 14, 2008


and suddenly i am struck with an optimistic dagger
when i remember where the light switches are
and i slowly begin to awaken from a dark sea of dreams.
i remember it's september and that the frost that soon hits 
the ground won't hide it, just grace it.
(and when december comes i won't hide from it,
but grace it as well and wear my biggest crown on 
the twenty second.)
don't stop the momentum you've just built
i couldn't think of another possible card to play
or word to say.
and i know you can't either.
when we've restored to night after night
of the same bleary sea of dreams.
of darkness...
that swallowed our souls and spat out our hearts
and we couldn't hold on as they drifted away,
under the waves, under the stars.
but in any element, 
in any vastness,
they find their way back.
no matter how tattered, no matter how torn.
not a piece is jagged when they reconnect.
so run with this, let's run with it
and place it behind us and look ahead
not to the future, but up,
to the now, to the stars.
and remember what is and speak without words,
but only with our eyes.
and leave a trail of fire behind us.
and move faster than the speed of light.
and when we're old, read our story in the sky, 
thought up in constellations, 
and when we are gone, smile from above,
down on those then,
and breathe into them the story of us.
so reach to me now, today,
through a voice, through a start, through a feeling.
swim with me and run with me and save me
when we're drowning and help me to find shore.
beside me in the sunshine, in the lightning, in the night.
and rest with me.
and breathe with me.
and know with me...


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