Thursday, August 14, 2008


I'm ready.
I will say it. I will scream it. 
I declare it.
I announce you. 
I've been found.
I will show you off.
I will wear you like a second skin.
A better fit than anything, that soul of yours.
You see my heart through the window of me ~
And know it.
I recognize you.
Because you are me.
I will hold your hand until it's no longer tangible
I will kiss you up until the last second 
and when you are gone still taste you on my lips
I will remember the story of us 
and keep it in my pocket at all times
I will take a needle and thread and 
sew up any tear in your heart.
I will repair any broken part of you
and mend you with myself.
I will loan you a heartbeat 
and borrow you a breath
when you need one.
With you I will freeze, I will unthaw, I will melt
We will leap and bound and overcome 
and forgive and live.
To the ends of the earth we'll go
I won't trail behind, I won't go on ahead
but stay by your side and match your steps with mine 
(and know that this is still not enough
for what I want for you).
Until we are gone.
Until we come back as something else.
When we find each other again,
and start all over.
Until then.
Here we go.
I announce you.
I will say it. I will scream it. I declare it.
I'm ready.

inspired by one of my favorite poems from the movie "Chelsea Walls"


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