Thursday, August 14, 2008


This is a threat!
Don't make me fall in love
with my independence again!
Because I'll do it!
Madly, crazily, head over heels, 
dangerously in love.
Obsessively, compulsively, 
I will eat it, sleep it, breath it, stalk it.
Don't leave us alone in the same room...
because I can't be trusted with it.
I can't make you promises I can't keep.
This is what you don't know! 
I'm good with it. I'm very good.
Because it's the only thing 
that always reminds me
I exist here, too.
I'm a human.
I scar. I itch. I choke. I bleed.
When the sky shifts, when the earth rumbles, 
when I begin to shake,
this is what I'm left with
This on again off again relationship - no -
torrid love affair.
And I can't promise I'll ever leave her...


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Les said...

Thanks Dee..