Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Beautiful Beginning

I'll leave the paper and pen next to me tonight,
through the night,
because I feel there might be words...
and I'm nervous...
I'm shaking or I'm waking 
as I walk barefoot across my cold tile floor.

A coming out of hibernation I feel my bones
and begin to thaw out visceral again
(is this visceral again?)

It's been so long and I've been so scared
is my passion knocking and can I make it real,
Let it flow and write my truths...

I'm preparing now.
I was storing up.
I was enduring.
It's a beginning.
Springs awakening.

No rush no force eloquence is seeping in
or I am finally seeping out
try to breathe, learn of patience 
in my never ending growth to struggle 
to look beyond
to transform 
every win and every pain 
into Deena once again. 


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