Wednesday, August 13, 2008


there are two smoke signals 
my lungs have clouded
they are the twin towers
(only these will stand for years to come 
and only crumble occasionally)
there are two hands
one to hold each city
but i see them freeze and crack and bleed
from the weight and from the pull
there is an apple where my heart once was
sometimes i think it might be rotting
(i think it started the day i traded it in
for my innocence)
there are two eyes and two feet
who tailor specifically to their two surroundings
there are two people in one body
(who will never be at peace)
there are two months left
until the one year anniversary 
of my two year stay 
of the one time i moved
into the second city i'd ever lived
(two should fit neatly into one)
but there are still two testaments to the holy bible
and still no balm in gilead


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