Wednesday, August 13, 2008


It HURTS! It hurts so bad!
And I can't breathe and I'm restricted 
And I'm crying and I'm dying
You've ditched me. You've betrayed me.
You've denied me
And yet I cry for you?
I HURT! I hurt for you!
The sound of the pain pounding through me 
will forever be my last memory of you.
What a way to leave. To sever. To Part.
It's so LOUD in me! I cant cry out.
And for why? For what?
The hardest saddest part is realizing
you were not the soul I thought you were.
Not even a little bit.
Who the hell were you and how did I let
so much of you in and never know 
how superficial it was?
I can't BREATHE!
I can't BREATHE!
So much I want to say 
but you took away my eloquence 
and replaced it with a beer bottle.


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