Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I'll donate my blood to you
Do you want me to?
If it's the only way to be a part of you.
In you.
To stay with you forever.
To mix in with your own blood.
Don't cut yourself.
Don't hurt yourself.
Don't let me out.
I can live in your forever this way.
I'll spread myself thin for you.
But my blood is thick in you.
I will grow.
I will take you over.
I will visit your brain.
And pump your heart.
And flow to your hands
And make a home in your feet.
It will be warm here.
In you.
Living in you now.
Your body will house me
In my liquid form.
At last we'll be together.
Under one roof.
I'll donate my blood to you.
Do you want me to?


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