Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fairy Tale...Ending

Once upon a time... 
in an isolated and unfeeling concrete jungle, 
there lived a beautiful young maiden.
High up in her tower, stayed she...
content amidst her scripts, quill and thoughts
when one day...

the clouds parted and the sun shone down upon this place!
And apples grew and songs were sung
and into this lost land of mystery 
(by metro or by stallion)
came He!
with raven hair and caramel skin 
and chocolate eyes and shoulders broad.
This was the knight her heart was stolen!

And she fled her tower, dropping scripts, quill, 
thoughts and more on her way down the castle steps.

But if only she had known that leaving her tower would be her doom!

As they rode together away and far...
farther...farthest...and farther still...
she realized his armor that had gleamed so brightly 
from rapunzels window 
was only 'round his guarded heart!

A crash was heard throughout the land,
it echoed, shattered far and wide
it was the maidens heart!

And the waters rippled from the burst 
as she shut her eyes and floated away...
down the stream went she, 
the cursed maiden
back through the lonely jungle...
and as she dreampt,
she dreampt she'd stayed up in her tower high
out of this knight's reach
and had kept her scripts, her quill, her thoughts 
and heart

and had watched it all by mirror 

inspired by Lady of Shalott


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