Wednesday, August 13, 2008

the end

This is sad and I will tell you why.
It's the beginning. 
The beginning of my falling out of love.
I've begun to realize your person is incomplete.
And not quite capable of all I once thought. 
Not quite the person I once thought I knew.
Again you ran. You betrayed. You let me down.
How many more times do I need to process 
the repercussions of what you aren't?
Each ripple pushes me a little further out to sea.
Where ironically I'm not the one who's lost.
I've just begun to look at my map.
You almost left me half a soul,
but all I see is a skeleton. Ready to crumble.
Under the weight of what used to hang there. 
A thought up, thought to be great love 
that tried to hard and damaged all 
and went to far to even see the flesh...
it blows and swings and the only thing that seems real
is the shadow beneath it.


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