Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I am burning for you in Vegas
now it's chapter two
A new start.  A new beginning.
But this time I'm aware of what it means to lose.
To leave. To say goodbye.
Now I know a new wave of feelings.
Of parting, of severing, of starting.
I've survived night one. The hardest night of all.
Scratchy white hotel sheets, too big of pillows,
and no shampoo. Cheap margaritas
and too many twinkling lights.
Not in the sky.
Now we start again. Naked, unprepared.
A new person.
Will I miss you more than I can bear?
Is it possible to live a life without you?
I've gotten so addicted...
to your taste, to your spirit, to your heart.
Or is it just one more time to move?
to forget...
feel you slip slowly...
and see you fade...
until you never were.


1 comment:

stkagari said...

I like the middle part a lot: "too many twinkling lights. Not in the sky." It works well here.