Wednesday, August 13, 2008

the girl

I want my happy ending.

I want no mistakes and no regrets 
and the lesser of two fear based decisions.

I want my chance I want my scare
I want my adventure.

I want to know what could be 
and what might have been 
and never have to ask 

what if.

So what if evil is greater 
and what will ruin me more 
to lose and leave behind?

What girl did I used to be?
What girl am I supposed to be?
Which girl did I think I'd be?
What girl am I in my dreams?

I want a great romance...

to live my life
as the romantic idealist that I'll always be.

But am I the girl who runs away
with the great storybook imperfect love?

Or do I turn my back and play the part 
of the girl who has a lifetime of saying she 
left behind her love long ago to have a career 
and this was the choice she made.

Either way both are too impossible to bear.

I want no outside forces to influence
but only the heavens to inspire 
as I blaze my trail ahead... 
now with all the burn, blaze 
and fire I can muster...


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