Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Strength of a Human

The Strength of a Human
(Everyone is beautiful at a funeral)

I sit on my floral pattern chair
completely glazed over
and straining to see over the tall man in front of me,
here at the funeral

Each time someone stumbles in 
they are met with a sympathetic, bleary eye.

To my right one row up and across the aisle 
is a woman who takes up a chair and a half
and a husband next to her who's arm never leaves her shoulders 

And I'm struck and I'm wide eyed 
at the realization and the anatomy 
of a human

And the anatomy of a human is this:
that love has no face nor shape nor name
but can and should manifest itself in all

And she's not gross and it's not absurd
it's what they've found and who they are
and the more you love something 
the more beautiful it becomes

It's overtaking and knows no mold 
no specifics, no fit.

It's here my ignorance is slapped,
and I cannot fathom the love all around me
and what it could ever feel like 
to parent a child 
or be a wife to a husband

It's here that everyone is beautiful 
everyone is pure

And what a human can endure is breathtaking...


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