Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Butterfly Net

I want to write a poem
but I'm not sure what about.
How to translate, transcribe,
make it tangible.

It's about those spirits. 
Those we meet and viscerally know
from another time
when you were soul sisters,
celestial twins.

And me, like those who got stuck
in the wrong plane
and only they know 
and see how hard it is to exist here.

Mornings when clawing your way out 
of your body feels like the only way 
you could possibly get a glimpse 
of what it feels like to exist.

A starburst. A starburst I am.
Feeling the constraint of being
forced into a human body
without a break.

Caught in the creators glass bottle 
and not being let out 
from time to time 
to just get a breath.

Nobody else is quite as intense
quite as sensitive or visceral...
but those who we've known before 
and feel a glimpse of spiritual safety
in their eyes.


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