Thursday, August 14, 2008


you overwhelm me and it scares me
scares me because now i can't imagine being without 
i didn't expect to love and be loved in return
(it's the greatest thing i'll ever learn)
and i feel this loves heavy blanket tucked all around
i can't get out
i can only take breaths of you
but i don't want to pull back the covers
i'm not immune to anything else 
i could possibly catch, 
could be offered by this world
that doesn't contain a spark of you
i am here
i've been caught 
i've been scared
and here i remain
having waited a lifetime for you,
for this
and now forgetting how to be without
dying slowly, beautifully,
drowning in a sea of wine and roses


1 comment:

stkagari said...

I love that last image, "drowning in a sea of wine and roses..."