Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gone Without a Trace

gone without a trace.
that was you that earth shattering night
that heart stopping defining moment
when my world, my head, my soul, my heart
were ripped out.
mixed up.
spat upon.
gone without a trace 
you were
but with you went the very marrow of my bones.
my being.
the door slammed and i saw all life
and passion and anything visceral 
sweep out underneath it.
for one week exactly you were
gone without a trace.
so out i went.
coffee i drank.
poems i wrote.
danced i did.
pot i smoked.
kisses i accepted.
people i met.
friends i consulted.
a flat tire i changed.
slept i didn't.
ate i couldn't.
all during the longest shortest
week of my existence.
all while you were
gone without a trace.

you can fill your life 
you can fill your body 
you can fill your mind
but you can't feel a goddamn thing
other than the absence ~
of you ~
without a trace.


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